Availability of Datasets

Sellosphere’s Datakart’s process of Data Research and Enrichment contains the most immaculate and precise sales and marketing intelligence and is simply perfect. Through the extensive procedure of data cleansing, enrichment, appending, and verification, we build in-depth hand-curated data for technology start-ups (education, automotive, non-profits organizations (NPOs), etc.). We help our customers keep their marketing data clean and up-to-date across multiple locations and platforms, thus driving better conversion & ROI on marketing programs.

Spheres of datasets

Our Datasets for specific lines of business go beyond the basic contact info provided by most sales and marketing contact databases. Our sales and marketing give access to intelligence on key sales decision-makers at growing companies looking to invest in these new technologies and services marketing buyers, and in the marketing sphere even comprises of the CMO and those responsible for digital marketing, e-commerce, lead generation, advertising, and more. We also have unmatchable data on startups along with IT and financial data.

Sales Opportunities

As Sellosphere empowers sales, marketing, and staffing professionals with a sales intelligence solution that provides fresh and substantiated data on chief targets and hot leads, our partners benefit with solutions they have never encountered before. We help sales teams discover new sales opportunities, connect directly with decision makers and provide opportunities for effective conversions.

Our clients have furthered their reach massively through our email outreach, calling campaign, and via an overall strategic outbound marketing plan.

Using this database curated by Sellosphere professionals, our clients get the opportunities to pitch their ideas, services, and products to a targeted leads list and build strong relationships that yield revenue generating customers.

DataKart for Sales Professionals

As data explodes in quantity and intricacy, salespersons find it increasingly difficult to unlock its full potential. DataKart takes a wide-ranging approach to meeting the data challenge and transforming it into a lever of success. We realize that the future of B2B selling will be built upon technology and data that enable greater productivity and more personalized engagement across multiple touch points within an organization.

DataKart augments sales rep efficiency and yields while intelligently laying emphasis on prospecting activities and letting the sales teams to directly connect with decision-makers, have ready access to research that would either be not available to them or take days on end to put together. Our ready data facilitates account-based selling & sales development strategies.

DataKart for Marketing Professionals

DataKart can provide account, contact, and buying intelligence that feeds technology-enabled marketing strategies. With DataKart, we help clients get data that in turn can help them understand customer needs and behaviors and develop actionable segmentation from the resulting insights. Our data aims to help clients define the target customer, and hence gain the area of distinct advantage over competitors—to inform business decisions and investment allocation. Our lists gun for targeted engagement, and try to find potential buyers.

Regular updation

Every record we gather is updated regularly, which lets us give our clients a level of accuracy no other data provider can offer or promise to deliver. The team applies state-of-the-art techniques and is equipped with the latest tools and technology.